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Do you have a great idea and want to test if it’s worth investing all your energy, money and time in? We have built over 100 minimum viable products already and know exactly what it takes!

We can support you with:

  • Validating your idea
  • Choosing the right MVP type
  • Defining & designing your MVP
  • Developing & growing your MVP
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Our fast & proven method of smart MVP creation

Already walked through the first few steps? No problem! We can jump in at any of these stages to drive your progress.

Define your business model

Having an idea for a product is nice — having a plan on how to create a sustainable business is even better. You are building a business, not just a new product. Who are your customers? What problem are you solving for them? What are possible revenue streams?
Together, we will answer these kind of questions and create a solid understanding of your idea.

Validate your idea

Every new business idea is based on a set of crucial assumptions. Before spending large amounts of money on developing a product that nobody is interested in, it is crucial to understand the customer’s problem and find out if it’s worth solving.
Together, we will find the most critical assumptions of your idea and create a plan to validate them.

Define your MVP

A minimum viable product is the version of a new product that allows you to collect the maximum amount of validated learning, with the smallest amount of effort. Nobody is short of great ideas for nice features for their product, but we want to make sure that we build the important ones first.
Together, we will define and scope your MVP that helps you to validate your most important assumptions.

Rapid Prototyping and
User Testing

After you defined the WHAT of your MVP, it’s a good idea to get feedback on the HOW. Test the design of your product to collect valuable insights & feedback from your customers before jumping into development.
Together, we will find the right visual design for your product and create wireframes and mockups. We can help you with conducting user tests to identify gaps in your user experience and make sure you are solving the problem in the correct way.

Agile Development Sprints

Agile development sprints are time-boxed periods where the development team works on completing a defined set of tasks. Breaking down a bigger project into smaller iterations with regular releases, allows you to stay engaged with users and collect early feedback.
Together, we will work in measurable 2-week agile development sprints with a fixed check-in structure to allow you to channel back feedback on a bi-weekly basis.

Grow your Product

Make sure to set your product up for growth!?An important aspect when building your first MVP is to be ready to analyze it, learn from the data and to implement relevant changes.
Together, we will take a holistic view of the whole funnel from acquisition to revenue, and set up the right experiments for your growth.
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Why us?

Our passion lies in Innovation and making something tangible out of it. TheVentury was founded in 2015 and has set itself the mission to help innovators succeed.

Our team of a 35 agile Developers and Growth Marketers in the heart of Vienna is specialised in creating MVPs & prototypes – not just quickly but also smartly.

With our combined skills, we make sure your MVP is not only built in the most efficient way but is also ready to be tested in the real world.

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